Workshop: CLARIAH Media Suite


Date: March 28 @ 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm 

Location: The Plant

The Plant in collaboration with Clariah, the national infrastructure for the digital arts and humanities, is organising a half-day workshop on the Media Suite, on of the Clariah research environments for audiovisual content. The workshop will be delivered by Megan Phipps and Christian Olesen.  The Media Suite is one of the research environments developed within the Dutch CLARIAH research infrastructure. As an innovative digital research environment, the Media Suite is a networked, university-level access point to a large variety of digital collections – comprising key broadcast, film, paper and oral history collections from NISV, Eye Filmmuseum and DANS. Moreover the environment offers new ways of browsing, searching and analyzing the collections made available with digital tools developed specifically for the environment. The environment’s tools facilitate among other approaches exploratory research and browsing, close reading and qualitative analysis based on video annotation tools as well as data-driven modes of distant reading and visualization of collection data. Beyond digitized collection items – amounting to a couple of million of audiovisual items – the environment is also the unique access point to automatic data enrichments, such as automatic speech recognition (ASR) data of broadcast collections and optical character recognition (OCR) of historical paper collections. Working in the Media Suite you will learn to work with the environment’s tools in order to create, annotate and analyze your own corpus.  

Registration can be done on The Plant’s UMployee group page: