Inspire & Innovate Workshop Series

✨ 🌱 Innovate your Research & Teaching with The Plant’s Inspire & Innovate Series! 🌿 ✨

Get ready to unleash your curiosity, engage your creativity, and feel inspired! In this new series (open to staff, students, & other colleagues!), The Plant offers two kinds of experiences:

🌟 Inspiration Sessions 🌟
Embark on a journey of exploration, where our Inspiration Sessions offer compelling examples of current work using the topic at hand. Join us to chat about and explore cool work from researchers & educators around the world! 🌍🔬

☕ Tea & Try ☕
Where technology meets the joy of play! Join these sessions to try it yourself – bring materials relevant to your own work, and spend some experimenting alongside other curious colleagues! Tea is provided 🍯 These sessions are recommended for after you’ve joined our Inspiration Session and have had a chance to think about connections between examples and your own interests, but that is not mandatory! 🎨 🖼

Our goal? To provide a playground of possibilities to experiment, create, and innovate in a cozy and welcoming environment! 🛋 🚀

We look forward to welcoming you at The Plant! 🌿 ✨

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