Making in The Plant – Dr. Anna Harris

Documenting DIY in Medicine, Anna Harris, 2023.

As a group of learners, consisting of a teacher (Anna) and Marble students (Martina Bardelli, Giuliana Brancaleone, Nyah Costa, Lia Hruby, Emilie Lake, Remco Poeliejoe), we wanted to get messy, to work with hot glue and paper and clay for our course called DIY in Medicine. But where to do this? 

The usual FASoS classroom doesn’t really work for several reasons – first you spend all your time rearranging and returning desks to make collaborative workspaces, then where are the plugs when you need them? Luckily, our course started at the same time as The Plant was just opening up to courses and we sought permission to have some lessons there. 

So on 24th May 2023 we had a workshop where we attempted to recreate a 3D model of the human ear found on a popular online database. Prior to this activity, each member of the group was tasked with searching medical models online in order to find one to replicate during the workshop. The requirements for the object were: (1) it had visuals and text instructions, (2) it was a part from the human body, (3) it had to be possible to complete it in one day. After choosing the object, each member of the group worked on one part of the 3D ear and we collaboratively created the model. 

The students then documented the process through time-lapse videos, photographs, field notes and drawings, and reflecting together and individually on the educational value of making the objects we created. You can see the wonderful video below. By participating in the making workshops we gained an insider view of how medical teaching objects are made and what materials are used and could be substituted locally.

DIY in Medicine, Anna Harris, 2023.