Design & Renovations

After the approval of the Business Plan (June 2022), the Executive Cooperative Group worked over the summer with facility services (both FASoS and UM) to further develop a plan for the renovations and the furnishing of the room. The decisions regarding both were informed by numerous consultations and focus groups that took place with colleagues at FASoS and in line with the Business Plan presented and approved by the Faculty Board.

Renovations involved the removal of the ceiling (systeem plafond) to expose the original cement ceiling; the rearrangement and coverage of old cables; the installation of a new light system; the installation of network points and power sockets in the walls and in the form of reels hanging from the ceiling; a security system (via a card reader) installed at the door; a double door with glass panels that will connect the main room with the adjacent R.0.09B to allow for adequate ventilation and light; and, the painting of the room.

Furniture was ordered from Eromes Marko, the UM preferred supplier, after several consultations and a design by their interior architect based on our ideas. The Plant has been divided into three sections:

1) the Greenhouse: Co-working and Project Meeting area
2) the Field: Flexible Seminar & Tutorial Section
3) the Stem: Computational Research Unit