Call for Funding – Research & Education

The Plant: Playground and Laboratory for New Technologies is delighted to announce four incentives to stimulate the integration of technology in education and research. Colleagues across all research and teaching programs in FASoS can apply! The Education and Research incentives are funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Sector Plan earmarked for digital infrastructure investment. The four incentives provide colleagues with the opportunity to work closely with the Plant Creative Lab Technologist (Jay Simons) and/or the Research Software Engineer (Arnoud Wils), and they come with dedicated funds and/or SOLVER hours.

Education Incentives

  1. Education Technology Project: To develop an innovative experimental education project.
  2. Curriculum Redevelopment Grant: To design new courses or revise existing courses by adding a technological angle into them.

Research Incentives

  1. Digital Research Seed Funding: To develop innovative experimental research projects that have a (digital) technological angle.
  2. Research Innovation Fellowship: To be embedded for a year in the Plant to develop, enhance, and communicate your research agenda, interests, and expertise that is supported by digital methods.